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Partners in Success

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Meet Our Founder!

With over 17 years of working with dental practices, I founded Meridian Dental Consulting to be different, to be that catalyst for change you are looking for.


With extensive business, financial and operational experience as well as a past partnership at a successful dental practice, I work closely with your team to establish successful habits and elevate your practice to the next level.


I take great pride in building lasting partnerships to help you achieve your goals.


Norman Mason DDS

Daniyela has helped transform our office through the implementation of financial systems, streamlined scheduling procedures, and operational improvements that has helped increase collections. She’s been a wonderful partner for over 10 years and continues to work with us on refining and growing our practice.

Mindy Matthes DDS

Daniyela conducted a front desk audit and discovered significant errors that proved to be very costly to my practice. I found this service to be highly valuable and insightful in determining where errors were occurring. She re-trained the staff and implemented systems to protect my bottom line. A front desk audit and overall practice assessment could save your practice from significant losses.

Leslie Trippe DDS

 As dentists we focus our efforts on patient care and often don’t have the expertise in managing the financial aspects of the buisness, which is a key element to the success of a dental practice. After a practice assessment was conducted, Daniyela discovered losses that were occurring due to errors by the front desk staff. To ensure your practice is not losing it’s hard earned income, I would highly recommend that dentists be proactive and perform operational evaluations to catch potential financial losses from occurring; it could save your practice.

Wayne McElveen DDS

Daniyela has treated our challenges as her own. She rolls up her sleeves, listens and assesses practice pain points effectively, and has partnered with our team to implement helpful strategies and solutions. She has helped improve the framework of our practice and continues to work closely with us as we move through growth and change. Many thanks to her for supporting us as we grow!

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